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How to upload & search for language from precedent documents in your library (Clause Library)
How to upload & search for language from precedent documents in your library (Clause Library)
Written by Sarah Beatty
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What is Clause Library?

The Clause Library is an easy way to quickly search for and access precedent language to add to a document from an existing library of precedent documents.

It will save you time trying to search for clauses or language you've used before in other documents. Using the Clause Library allows you to search through the precedent documents you have uploaded in your library to quickly find and add any language from precedents you want to repurpose in your document.

How to use Clause Library:

1. Click the sandwich icon on the top left of Spellbook

2. Click "Clause Library"

3. Click "New Connection"

4. The Access tab designates whether the Library is accessible to all Spellbook licenses in your Organization, or solely to yourself.

5. Name your Clause Library for effortless identification.

6. The new Library will show up on top. Click "Upload" to begin adding documents.

7. You can choose to upload individual files for a specific instance, or upload an entire document store from a folder. The sync button

8. Once uploaded, Spellbook will parse the document to efficiently access any clauses within it.

9. To search your Clause Library begin by clicking on the Assistant and entering the text box.

10. Select "Search your library".

11. In this search box you can look for clauses via name (ex: Confidentiality, Warranty, etc.) or by describing the content you need.

12. The Filter button tells Spellbook to search within only the selected connections.

13. At the bottom of each suggested clause, Spellbook indicates the source file from which the text was extracted.

14. Once you have found a suitable clause, you can bookmark it for later use.

15. To add the clause to your document, click "Draft" on the bottom right.

16. Here you can edit the text then click "Insert at Cursor" to add the clause where you were previously editing.

17. Alternatively, you can "Copy to Clipboard" to paste the clause elsewhere.

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