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How to Use Spellbook as a Litigator
How to Use Spellbook as a Litigator
Written by Sarah Beatty
Updated over a week ago
  • Draft a response to a letter or memo.

  • Summarize multiple matter-related files and draft a response. Compile several Matter-related documents (letters, motions, complaints, emails, etc.) into a single Word document and instruct Spellbook to “draft a response to…”

  • Draft a new motion outline from scratch (requires blank document)

  • Draft new motion details building from the existing Firm template

  • Run Autocomplete to finish multiple sections in a brief or complaint

  • Run Rewrite to adjust details within the selected text and adding new language, translate text to a different language, “make this more concise and favourable to the company”, etc.

  • Query the document for argument positions and potential scenarios that an opposing party may return with

  • Request a list of details found in the document and provided in summary - Provide a full summary of this document for the following (insert specifics here)

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