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How to Edit Templated Documents with Draft from Precedent
How to Edit Templated Documents with Draft from Precedent
Written by Sarah Beatty
Updated this week

Draft from Precedent is a new feature for any transactional or litigation lawyer who regularly works with the same document/document sets that need to be customized for a new matter.

For example, if you’re working on an NDA for a client but quickly realize that an NDA that you built for a previous matter would suit them well (with a few changes), you can load up the old NDA by selecting "Draft from Precedent" and instruct Spellbook in plain language on what you want to change in the document.

How to Draft from Precedent

  1. Click "Ask anything or select a spell" to get started.

2. Scroll down and click "Draft From Precedent".

3. Click "Browse…" and upload a precedent document or template document you want to use.

4. Type in the changes you want to make to the document.

5. Click "Start Drafting".

6. Review suggestions and changes that pop up. Click "Apply Change" to apply the change in the document.

7. Click the down arrow next to "Apply Change" to select how you want the change applied in the document as a "Comment Only" or "Redline Only".

8. See where in the document the change would be made by clicking the Arrow.

9. To apply all changes suggested, click "Apply All".

If you have any other questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact Spellbook Support at

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