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How to Use Spellbook to Redline & Mark-Up Documents (with Review Feature)
How to Use Spellbook to Redline & Mark-Up Documents (with Review Feature)
Written by Sarah Beatty
Updated over a week ago

NOTE- This Reviews feature is available for everyone but limited to running 2 Reviews per week. For unlimited Reviews, upgrade to premium Reviews. For pricing and assistance adding it to your subscription please contact

Why Use Reviews?

  • To save time reviewing and marking up your documents

  • Have mark-ups automatically added to your document for easy review

  • Customize how you’d like your document reviewed

How to Use Reviews:

1. Click "Select a Spell to get started"

2. Click "Review the document".

3. Choose which type of Review you'd like to run. General Review, Negotiate or Custom Instructions.

  • Use General Review for an overview review of the document.

  • Use Negotiate to have changes that favour a specific party.

  • Use Custom Instructions to tailor how you’d like Spellbook to review your document. Click on the Custom Instructions button and type in instructions for how you’d like Spellbook to review your document.

4. Then choose the scope of the Review - the full document or just a section. The best practice is to review the Full document for the most context to be included in the suggestions.

5. Decide how you want the suggestions to appear, as Comments and Redlines, or Only Comments or Only Redlines.

6. Select the party you represent to have suggestions generated that favour your client.

7. Type in any additional context or direction you want to add and click "Start Review".

8. To run a custom review, click "Custom Instructions".

9. Type out instructions for your Custom Review with action words like "review, remove, change, replace, etc" and write your instructions as specifically as you can.

You can also save custom instructions as "Playbooks" to repurpose for future reviews. To save Custom Review prompts click "Save".

10. You can view and use Playbooks when you go to the Review tab and scroll down to "Playbooks".

To use a Playbook (previously saved instructions for custom reviews), simply click on the Playbook you want to use.

11. It will then generate a Custom Review that you can edit and select the scope of the review, how you want suggestions to appear and your representing party. You can edit or add to your instructions by clicking "Edit".

12. Click "Save Changes".

13. Once a Review is processed, you will start to see suggestions pop up. You can choose to apply the change to your document by clicking on Apply Change.

14. You can select how you want it to appear (as a Comment only, Redline Only) or if you click Apply Change, it will generate a comment and redline (depending on the suggestion).

15. Click on the arrow next to the suggestion to see where in the document this suggestion is referring to.

16. To remove a suggestion you don't want to use simply select the Dismiss button.

To apply all suggestions to your document, click the "Apply All" button.

💡 Please note that Reviews will take some time to load just as it’s doing some intensive AI analysis which can take some time to compute. However, you can segment if you only want a certain section of the document reviewed to speed this up and target the Review.

❓ If you have any other questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact Spellbook Support at

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