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Get Started with Spellbook
Getting Started with Spellbook!
Getting Started with Spellbook!
Written by Mustafa Jamal
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1. Welcome to the Spellbook Introduction! Once installed, you will be greeted by this screen within your Word document.

Watch a quick overview here or read more below.

2. The Assistant tab holds the main feature set of Spellbook including Reviews, Drafting and Clause Library

Click in the text box to chat with the Assistant and ask questions about the document such as "what are the payment terms?" or anything you'd like to know. 

3. Click on the "Draft" button to quickly add language to the document or use Draft to summarize the document or write a follow up email to a client. Draft will help you write additional language or summarize sections in your document. 

Click on "Review" to have Spellbook analyze your document and provide redlines and markup suggestions to help you save time with your document reviews and act as a second set of eyes to catch anything you may have missed. 

4. Draft is used to quickly add language to your documents.

Ways you can use Draft:

  1. Ask it to write clauses for your document. Be as specific as possible and it will generate a clause for you to add. An example prompt could be "Write a limited liability clause that benefits my client ABC".

  2. Ask it to summarize changes in the document. An example prompt could be "summarize changes in this document in 300 words or less".

  3. Write a follow-up email to your client. An example prompt could be "Write an email to my client summarizing the changes I've made and explain why I made them. Make it 300 words or less."

  4. Ask it to write a letter or pleading. An example prompt could be "Write a letter to X about Y event"

  5. Ask it to summarize advice for you to share with a client. An example prompt could be "Write a summary of what the new Working for Workers Act could mean for my client"

5. You can see the history of all actions you've taken on the main Spellbook screen under the Assistant tab. 

6. Review is our AI-driven markup tool that expedites the review process and ensures a comprehensive analysis of your text. It examines the entire document or specific sections, and meticulously scans for potential client risks and overlooked advantages, allowing you to comment and red-line recommended changes.

7. When you run a Review, you can choose between a General, Negotiate or Custom Instructions (here's more info on which one is right for you).

General: for a broad review of the full document or a specific selection; choose between comments, redlines, or both, along with which party is being represented for the review.

Negotiate: to improve the client's position, improve verbiage, and highlight areas of concern. This function has the same options as the General review.

Respond to Redlines: Use this to review counterparty redlines from the perspective of any party, and combat potential areas of indifference.

Custom: Similar options to General, but allows the addition of custom instructions. Using specific action words, Spellbook can tailor the review for your client's benefit.

8. Clicking the 3 stars, or the textbox, will give you access to our other features such as Autocomplete, Section Explanations, and many more!

9. You can also access the Draft and Review features from the 3 star button as well.

10. The Insights tab houses our Checklists feature! This can help you quickly identify any risks by analyzing your document against standards and ensure it's meeting them. 

Ways you can use Checklists: 

  1. Identify anything missing in your document based on the industry standard generated checklists

  2. Quickly identify what you can improve or adjust in your document with the suggested fixes proposed in the Checklist

  3. Edit the Checklists to include your own standards and run that checklist against future documents to ensure compliance with standards

11. Lastly, If you ever find yourself stuck and in need of assistance, you can click the question mark on the bottom right to access our Help Centre, full of useful how-to articles and FAQs!

12. If you don't find an answer to your question, you can click the message button to chat with us live! Or, email us at at any time!

If you have any questions or feedback and would like to get in touch, please email us at or chat with us live through the chat box on the bottom right of this web-page!

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