Which Review Should I Use?
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Review is our AI-driven markup tool to help you review and analyze contracts faster. It examines the entire document or specific sections, and meticulously scans for potential client risks and overlooked advantages, allowing you to comment and red-line recommended changes.

This is an overview of which Review to use and when. Below is a quick video demo before a step-by-step breakdown:

2. Begin by clicking the Review button in the "Assistant" Tab.

1. After clicking the Review Spell, you will be greeted by four(4) different options.

2. General Review conducts a broad but comprehensive analysis of your document, or a specific selection, based on the selected representing party, noting potential client risks or missed advantages.

When to Use It:

  • To get a jumping-off point for your own analysis- use it when you first get a document and want to do a quick scan to see what to start with

  • For risk mitigation - run this after you've analyzed a document to see if it catches anything you missed

3. Negotiate is designed to analyze the document and give suggestions that favour the party you represent. 

When to Use It:

  • For risk mitigation for your client - run this after you've analyzed a document to see if it catches anything you missed

  • To anticipate what the other party might come back with - switch the party you represent to the other party and run the review to see what they could come back with. This can help inform what could be points of negotiation going forward and help adjust your responses accordingly

4. Respond to Redlines can review counterparty redlines from the perspective of any party, and effectively address potential areas of indifference.

When to Use It:

  • When you get a document back with redlines from the other party- use it to do a scan of their suggestions and what Spellbook recommends you counter or accept

  • For risk mitigation - run this after you've analyzed a document to see if it catches anything you missed

5. The Custom Review allows you to customize how you want Spellbook to analyze your document. Think of it like telling a legal assistant what you want them to review in the document before you review it. 

When to Use It:

  • If you have specific requirements and want to make sure the contract adheres to them- outline your requirements and run the review to analyze the document based on your instructions.

  • For targeted reviews - if you only want to look for certain clauses or terms in the document, the Custom Review can help you identify and adjust them.

  • If you want to make specific changes in the document - such as changing "Company" to "Companies", you can use Custom Review to scan the document for all mentions of the first term and adjust it to whatever you requested.

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