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How to Use Spellbook for Risk Mitigation
How to Use Spellbook for Risk Mitigation
Written by Sarah Beatty
Updated over a week ago

If you're looking to use Spellbook for ensuring regulatory compliance & managing contractual obligations, here's how Spellbook can help you catch things you might miss and save time reviewing against compliance requirements.

How to Use Spellbook for Risk Mitigation

1. Go to Insights to use Checklist to quickly scan your document for anything missing.

2. Use Checklist to see how your document compares to standards and insert any fixes.

3. You can adjust the Checklist type by clicking "Use Different Checklist"

4. Adjust the rules to align with your standards by clicking "Edit Rule".

5. Remove any rules that do not apply to your standards by clicking "Delete Rule"

6. See where the fix needs to be applied by clicking on the arrow.

7. Click "Insert Fix" to apply suggested fix.

8. Click "Assistant" to access other features like Review to assist with risk mitigation.

9. Use Review to have Spellbook review your document and scan for any risks or issues in the doc to ensure you haven't missed anything.

10. There are several different review types you can use, here's more info on which one is best for you.

11. Use Custom Reviews to have Spellbook analyze the document according to your specifications.

12. You can also use the Assistant Ask Anything box to quickly ask if a certain terms are in the document. For example, "does this document allow me to use a client's logo in marketing materials?" and it will scan the document and give you the appropriate answer.


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