How to Use Playbooks
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What are Playbooks in Spellbook?

Playbooks are ways that you can easily save and reuse past requests for how you want Spellbook to review or revise a document.

You can use Playbooks to:

  • Save time if you’re repeating similar actions on the same type of document (i.e., looking for the same terms or considerations)

  • Easily access complex or specific instructions so you don’t have to type it out again every time

  • Save custom instructions you’re running

How to Use Playbooks

  1. Click "Select a Spell to get started"

2. Click "Review the document"

3. Scroll down until you see "Playbooks". Review any past instructions you've saved as a playbook and click the pencil icon to edit it.

4. Type any changes you'd like to make to the Playbook instructions and click "Save Changes". To delete a playbook click on the Garbage icon.

5. To add a new Playbook (custom instructions for custom reviews), scroll down and click "Add New Playbook".

6. Type in a title and the instructions you want to save for the playbook.

7. Click "Save Changes"

8. Scroll through your Playbooks and select one you want to use by clicking on it.

9. You can then run a Custom Review. Make any changes to the playbook instructions by clicking on the "Edit" button.

10. When happy with the custom instructions, click "Start Review" to review the document based on the instructions in your playbook.

💡 If you have any other questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact Spellbook Support at

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